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Posted 31 December 2008 - 11:00 PM

Last updated: 26-Oct-13
Manufacturer: Airtec
Address: Mittelstrasse 69
33181 Bad Wünnenberg – Germany
Telephone: 0049 2953 9899-0
WWW: http://www.cypres.cc/
Email: info@cypres.cc
 Manuals are available from  this link                     
 Safety bulletins are available from  this link                     
BPA Index Relevance Date Model Component Overview File Notes
Not in index - Cypres AAD Control unit screen may go blank after a jump (but unit still functional). Solved by turning off then on. C2DisplayDealerInfo.pdf This problem will be fixed at the 4 year service, but can be sent back earlier if desired.
Not in index 01-Jan-08 Cypres1 and 2 AAD If unit does not complete self test, or there are irregularities, contact Airtec before next jump. Service_Bulletin_Jan_2008.pdf Issued as a result of a misfire of a unit that didn't complete the self test a few days prior to incident.
Not in index 11-Nov-97 Cypres AAD A “silver sleeve” is available that can be used to protect the control unit from the effects of radio waves and static. New units will be supplied with the sleeve. SilverSleeve1997.pdf Recommended. Superseded by bulletin issued Apr-99.
Not in index 01-Apr-99 Cypres AAD Silver sleeve is not necessary after control unit is updated (at next service). SilverSleeve1999.pdf A sticker on the reverse side of the control unit which reads “This unit does not need a silver sleeve” can be used to identify updated units.
1 18-Mar-92 Cypres AAD Cypres recall of units due to updated circuitry which may exceed tolerances under rare circumstances. SI68.pdf and Recall1994.pdf BPA SI 68 and Airtec bulletin. Applies to units manufactured 26-Aug-93 to 2-Nov-93
2 12-Aug-98 Cypres AAD Battery life. Batteries may fail, and leak. If unit does not turn on, or there are traces of leakage, rigger inspection in necessary. SI84.pdf BPA SI 84.
3 - All Containers Stiffener to reinforce Cypres - RAC 710.
4 - Cypres AAD Installation manual update - S/B Nov-95.
5 - Containers with running loops Containers Incorrect routing of running loop. - S/B Nov-94.
6 01-Dec-95 Cypres AAD Cypres maintenance updates - Cypres News dated 12/95. Day of month unknown.
7 - Cypres AAD Cypres 8 year maintenance - 2/99
8 24-Mar-04 All AAD Other AADs not approved in Airtec pockets. - -
9 21-Sep-05 Cypres 1 and 2 AAD High speed canopies. - -
10 21-Apr-08 Cypres 2 AAD Cypres recall due to possible defective sensors. Service_Bulletin_April_2008_e.pdf Applies to units manufactured Aug to Dec-06. Serial number listed in PDF. Bulletin number C2 0408. Note that date range stated in original PDF is not correct – this was extended to the range presented here.
11 22-Jan-08 Cypres 1 and 2 AAD If the self test does not complete, diagnose problem by looking up error codes or by contacting Airtec - Issued after a unit fired following an incomplete test cycle.
Not in index 01-Dec-04 All containers with internal PCs Cutters Manufacturers of containers with internal reserve PCs are encouraged to evaluate AAD cutter location, and modify so cutter is above PC cap. Cutterlocation2004.pdf This location reduces the effects of rigging errors on the AAD's operation. Mirage set the example of issuing a cutter position change.
Not in index 29-Oct-10 All Cutters Cypres closing loops must be routed through the cutter in order for the AAD to function correctly. loops_through_cutters.pdf Issued in response to a fatality where a incorrectly installed cutter/loop was a contributing factor.
Not in index 22-Nov-10 Cypres Closing loop discs There are approx. 400 “weak” discs in the field, they cannot be identified, but they are fit for purpose. Cypres_discs.pdf No action required. Issued for information purposes only.
Not in index 27-Mar-11 Cypres Cutters Statement regarding Cypres cutters. There are no issues with Airtec's cutters Cypres_cutter_facts.pdf No action required. Issued for information purposes only, in response to other AAD manufacturer's cutter issues.
Not in index 21-Apr-11 All Cypres loops Airtec has designed closing loops for use with only Airtec products (Cypres AADs). Cypres_loops.pdf Issued in response to other AAD manufacturer's cutter issues.
Not in index 13-Jan-13 Cypres AAD User must ensure AAD is functional prior to each jump by pressing the button once to confirm the red LED flashes once. prejump_checks.pdf Mandatory. Affects units manufactured Feb-09 through Dec-12. Issue will be resolved during scheduled service. Issue due to a new component used, software update will resolve this.
Not in index 30-Sep-13 Cypres AAD Units manufactured/serviced after 10-Jan-13 can be user programmed to raise the firing height (in +100ft increments, up to a maximum of +900ft). The PDF document describes procedure and functionality. activation_altitude.pdf This is in addition to the standard DZ offset functionality.
Disclaimer: The data presented here may contain errors and/or omissions: it is intended to be indicative only. For comprehensive details refer to the bulletins/manuals from the manufacturer and the relevant governing body (e.g. BPA).