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Thanks everyone - first trip to Cark and I loved it :)

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#1 MrCat

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Posted 09 August 2009 - 06:17 PM

Just want to fire a quick note up to say thanks to everyone at Cark.

We rocked up on friday morning on the motorbike - got chased, sorry "welcomed" by two little Westies that seemed to like the exhaust note on my blackbird...

Found reception easily enough, got my log book and doc check done very quickly, got the drop Zone brief done by John, rig issued by Kieran, name on the board and manifested.

Trish and I got chatting to a few people while we waited, watched someone 'bounce' a landing in (I bet he got some bruises) and generally enjoyed the atmosphere.

The only "problem" was when it came time to kit up I noticed there wasn't a hook knife on the rental kit so I went in search of one as of course my hook knife is on my rig. Whilst looking for Kieran I was told in no uncertain terms I couldn't jump the kit as it had no hook knife (I know that - I'd pointed it out) and was told I'd have to buy one. Not a worry except they couldn't find one to sell me!! I had a word with (I think it was) Kay and she sorted me one out.

The load before was just landing and I just spotted some CREW work going on - never seen it close up. Very impressive. I may just have to give it a try (yeah - I know I said I never would...)

Ok - off to the plane. Well impressed with rate of climb :) There were a group of free flyers ahead of me and they seemed up for a laugh. Friendly enough to include me in the pre-jump handshakes etc.

Good jump, nice spacious landing area (so even more impressed at the jumper that had managed to spank himself into the ground earlier).

Returned the hook knife to Kay and she asked me had I enjoyed the view. Had to admit that in the ride up in the plane I'd been on the look out for landmarks for on the way down, then in freefall I'd been doing the stuff I'd planned to do and then under canopy I'd been busy making sure I landed where I wanted to.. Next time I'd there though I'll check the view out !!!

Had a good natter with the student that had been despatched on the lift whilst waiting to get a signature in my book. Steve signed my book and borrowed my pin whilst he wrote up the students log book. Great entry in the book about the guy having too much fun :)

So - brief summary

We arrived at 10 am, all checks done, drop zone brief, manifested, in plane, jumped, dropped chute for packing, book signed, chatted to at least 10 people and left about 12.20 (being shouted good bye by the westies). Nice and efficient and also very friendly, happy bunch.

Thanks guys - we had a great time and will be back next time we are heading that way.

As an aside - we had been going to head up the M6 to Scotland but as we went via Cark we headed up through the lakes instead which was fantastic and we wouldn't have gone that way other wise. Well worth a trip :)


Johnny and Trish.

#2 johnny_p

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Posted 09 August 2009 - 08:31 PM

If only all drop zones were like that. It's nice when someone has something positive to say and broadcasts it. :whistle: Gives the rest of us a heads up.

#3 jumpinjo

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Posted 10 August 2009 - 03:24 PM

I've just returned from my 1st trip to Cark & completely agree with everything u have said, it is a GREAT DZ i really liked it every1 was really friendly and people come up an spoke to you even if i was a new face. Easy Manifest, great plane, and HUGE landing area, i loved it & will be back very soon!!

I'd like to say thanks to every1 a cark, i had a great day on saturday :smt040

Jo :doh: