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Rings Information (Hardware)

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Posted 18 March 2010 - 01:03 PM

Rings information

5010 ring: original large/harness ring (circa 1975). 2500lb proof load.
RW-1: slotted large ring-original.
RW-2: middle ring. 500lb proof load.
RW-3: small ring. 250lb proof load.
RW-4: mini ring. 250lb proof load.
RW-5: slotted middle ring - discontinued.
RW-6: seperable slotted large ring to replace soft RW-1 '82 and '83 rings. 2500lb proof load.
RW-7: slotted middle ring - discontinued
RW-8 / 444 ring: slotted middle ring (straight and bent , circa 1998). 2500lb proof load.
RW-9: the "Canadian" large slotted ring with flat edge at the top of the ring - incompatible with type-17 risers.
RW-10: slotted large ring - stronger version. 2500lb proof load.
Tandem rings: 5000lb proof load.
Reserve D-ring (straight and bent). 5000lb proof load.
555-1 and 555-2 ring: quick fit ring (the -2 has a friction lock). 2500lb proof load.

(Stainless steel donated with a trailing "S" or "-SS")

Note: RW-5 and RW-7 were discontinued for several reasons: 1) The cross-section was very small, increasing the possibility of "knife-edge" damage to the riser's webbing. 2) As Spectra (Microline) became more popular, increased shock-load transmission to the riser would eventually result in ring deformation, so the cross-section thickness and overall strength was enlarged.

TSE Sky stainless mini ring. >2500lb capacity.
TSE Sky stainless small ring. >6400lb capacity.
TSE Sky stainless harness ring. >9000lb capacity.
TSE Sky flip-flop adapter (2 parts). Large >7500lb, small >4000lbs.

Wichard stainless mini ring. 2646lb capacity.
Wichard stainless small ring. 7275lb capacity.
Wichard stainless middle ring. 7275lb capacity.
Wichard stainless large ring. 14330lb capacity.
Wichard stainless slotted middle ring. 8818lb capacity.
Wichard stainless d-ring (straight and bent). 7937lb capacity.
Wichard stainless adaptor (standard and with self-locking bar). 2866lb capacity.


Airports LLC - http://www.airsportssupply.com
Bourdon - http://www.bourdonforge.com/
Wichard - http://www.wichard-usa.com/
Lakeview - http://www.lakeviewforge.com/
Cirrus - http://www.cirrushardware.co.uk/
Die-Matic products - http://www.diematicproducts.com

(data sourced from: UPT, TSE, Wichard, PIA, Bourdon)
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