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Posted 28 January 2014 - 04:40 PM

Hi Guy’s/Girls




Happy and safe new year to you all I have seen a few of you since we got back at the AGM and you all looked well,

Hope you all had fun over the winter period and have kept on top of those reserve drills while we have been closed!!! Those of you that have braved the winter weather we hope you have had fun and enjoyed and experienced new places and faces.


Well now we are back and we are committed as ever to get you finished or even started if you haven’t managed to jump, the same routine as always let me know if you can make the weekend by mailing me so I can make sure there are enough instructors for you!! at the minute I have shed loads of instructors biting at the bit to jump, all that is missing is you!!!


As always the weather doesn’t look good however we have refresher training and lectures at the weekend to get you back in the groove so if it does turn jumpable we go jump. Also you may have heard runways this runways that well let me put all your minds at rest!!!


As always we have your best interests at heart and we have secured an alternative runway to depart from, not far from here so that means we will provide you with a mini bus as well as your kit!!! And on exit you still land on the drop zone your used to (well most of you ha ha)!!! How cool is that??


On that note I hope you all have a great week and for some have had a great Christmas and New Year!!!