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New generation of modern sport canopies

canopy canopies schumann

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#1 degeneration

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Posted 08 March 2017 - 08:54 AM

Noticed that in the last year or so and in the near future there have been/are going to be quite a few sporty canopies coming out. With the schumanny (sp?) shape sort of signifying a new generation of canopy, it seems that shape is the new "thing" with a lot of the sport canopies. And in my approx. decade in the sport, I think the last year or so and what has been forecast for the next year or so probably amounts to the highest concentration of new canopies released that I've seen, which is great for choice for the end user.


However, I've also noticed for a lot of these canopies, there isn't much info from other users around. The official press release jargon will give the usual info about how the canopy is the best smoothest opening canopy ever etc, but first hand info is hard to come by.


So basically what new canopies are out there, or announced, or even rumoured? Thoughts, opinions, discussions?


NZ Aero

Petra/Leia - everyone knows or has heard of these...

Crossfire 3 - new shape, complete redesign. But how does it actually compare?

Safire 3 - as above.

Crossifre X - unofficial name for their planned highest performance non-x-braced canopy.



Peregrine/Valkyrie - as above for the Petra/Leia

Horizon - low pack vol. wingsuit canopy.

???? - I've seen photos of schumanny shaped non-x-braced canopies from PD that are in the R&D stage. Some with a powerband, so something is in the works. Read rumours of a KA2...



S-Fire - their take on a new canopy in the Safire target market/range?

X-Fire - their equivalent to the Crossfire 3, which is sure to confuse things in the naming conventions used to shorthand the Crossfire! Looks schumanny, and high performance like the Crossfire 3.


Fluid Wings

A relatively new company I'm not too familiar with, but which appears to have made quite an impact.

HK/HS being ultra high performance.

Airwolf - extremely high performance.

Helix - very high performance

Tesla - high performance non-xbraced.

Prime - intermediate



Pilot7 - wingsuit targeted canopy

Zulu - been around for a bit, so maybe only just qualifies for the new canopy accolade, but still not heard a great deal about it. Elliptical, quite high performance I gather?


The above are all the new generation of canopies that I'm aware of. Anyone flown any of them to give first hand accounts?


Are there any I've missed, or other companies that should get a mention? Any other canopies that people listening to the rumour mill have heard about that are upcoming?


Anyone know if other manufacturers have anything in the works? Skylark, Parachute Systems, Precision or any other?

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#2 buzz


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Posted 09 March 2017 - 11:54 AM

One concern I have with all these new canopies being introduced, is that they up the ante performance wise, and event though canopy design/production has come o in leaps and bounds, pilot skill hasn't necessarily kept pace.


I see lots of novice/intermediate jumpers either getting pissed off with people like me saying you can't jump X canopy because they don't have the skills for it, or jumping stuff unsuitable for them and getting bent.


But i guess that how it is now so, nothing new.

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#3 degeneration

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Posted 09 March 2017 - 01:02 PM

Isn't that how it works though?


The Leia/Petra is out, so the JFX is now safer? :whistle:


When the Crossfire X (or whatever it's going to be called) comes out, the crossfire 2 (3 as well?) will be regarded as a nice intermediate canopy (if it isn't already by some...).

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#4 buzz


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Posted 09 March 2017 - 03:20 PM

It is indeed, I'm fed up with seeing sub 200 jumpers on Sabre 2's with a wingloading of 1:3 or more grrrrr

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#5 digidude

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Posted 09 March 2017 - 04:30 PM

I must be one of the strange ones when it comes to canopies and downsizing. Ive got nearly 250 jumps, and am in no rush to downsize from my storm 190. The next change ill be making will be a new rig that can take my 190, as my rig is a little bit on the large side.


I enjoy the nice slow canopy ride

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