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STC Canopy Piloting Working Group

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#1 BlueSkyBri

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Posted 28 January 2019 - 08:39 PM

STC has formed a Canopy Piloting Working Group ('CPWG') to assess whether members are making decisions about downsizing that are too radical.



STC = Safety and Training Committee. It's made up of every Chief Instructor in the UK and is the body that oversees risk management in the UK in skydiving.


All decisions made by the CPWG will need to be ratified and approved by STC. However as the Working Group is formed of experts in that area chosen by STC, it will be unlikely that STC will ask the CPWG to rewrite their proposals.


The BPA BoD is made up of 12 volunteers who were elected on by the membership to represent the membership and drive the association forwards. 10 members of the BPA (ie skydivers) and 2 non-skydivers.


All decisions made by STC are ratified by the BPA Board of Directors. However, as it's usually a safety issue and STC is the expert panel. It is very rare, but not unheard of, for the Board to ask STC to look at a subject a second time.


So if you are interested in what the CPWG might decide, please feed back to them directly. This is the most important bit because once the CPWG makes their recommendations it is harder to shift.


If you agree, or disagree with what they propose, you need to let your Chief Instructor know so that they can inform and influence the CPWG appropriately and eventually vote appropriately.



Many people are fearing that something like the French system will be brought in here.


The French system is very very cautious and is discussed here: http://www.uk-skydiv...ng-ffp-not-bpa/



The CPWG, specifically Stu Meacock, the CI at Hinton has made the following request which personally I think is very sensible. It's great to see a working group going out and actively asking for feedback. Secondly, I'm not sure it's as quite straightforward as this though with planforms and performance characteristics playing some part.


The request from Stu Meacock is below.


Dear Facebook friends.

Can you help me? I need your data!

As some of you might know the BPA Canopy Pilot Working Group (CPWG) is looking at various ideas to make canopy down-sizing progression safer.

Part of my remit is on the CPWG is to look at the other countries that have already implemented a system.
I've also decided to try and look at what experiences in down-sizing we have out there. This is where you can help.
No matter when you started, in the 80's/90's/00's etc - your data could really help me see where we were, and more importantly compare any data sets to that of anything the BPA might implement.

It doesn't matter if you only did a few jumps or have 1000's (although the first 1000 would be enough).

Here's what would help.

The year you started.
Your body weight at the time (to work out the wing loading).
The jump number you came down a canopy size.
The size of the canopy you downsized to.

Here's an example:

85kg / 190lbs
1 - 280
11 - 260
22 - 240
55 - 220
83 - 210
186 - 190
354 - 170
766 - 150
989 -135
1640 - cross brace (velocity 103)

This might require a trawl through some old log books, but this affects everyone in our sport and the better the data trend the better we can build something that works for all.

Please PM me here or email me stuart.meacock@btinternet.com

Please feel free to share & a massive THANK YOU to you for helping.

Stuart Meacock




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#2 BlueSkyBri

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Posted 28 January 2019 - 08:42 PM

My canopy progression is as follows:
Jump 1: 288 (SL at Hinton)
15: 270 (SL at Royan, France)
23: 280 (AFF at Elsinore)
32: 240 (Consols at Elsinore)
38: 220 (Rest of consols at Hinton)
45: 190
50: 170 (was sold a 2nd hand rig that was "perfect for me")
425: Sabre2 150 (bought my first new rig)
1455: Pilot 132 ZPX (bought my second rig)
1893: Sabre2 135
2390 - today


I always thought my canopy progression was pretty conservative but it appears it was only conservative after I had 100 jumps. 

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#3 Scotty


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Posted 30 January 2019 - 01:45 PM

This is a great opportunity for many of those highly experienced in this area to assist in forming guidance to this progression programme. Good time to speak up and get involved to ensure we develop that safest procedures.
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