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#1 Patrick

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Posted 06 May 2008 - 02:01 PM

I have a quick question. I am a parachuting student at Newcastle Univeristy Parachute Club and I am currently doing my training at Peterlee. However I am originally from Derry and will be home over the summer and my 3 months will pass before I go back to Newcastle and seeing as this is the closest dropzone to me when I am home I just wanted to know if I will be able to jump at Wild Geese over the summer to keep my 3 months up. I assume I will need my logbook and BPA membership number?

So far I've done 5 jumps, 4 SL and 1 DP


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#2 NealF

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Posted 07 May 2008 - 03:11 PM

yup!! you will be able to jump at the weekends at the geese weather permitting. has to be arranged in advance for mid week- usually some of the Queens Uni students travel up on a wednesday. Im going to steal this section from our website:

. Always phone ahead on the day you wish to jump before you hit the road to check weather in garvagh or if you need a recap, if there is an instructor available. State how many there are of you, what type of jump (static line/10sec delay etc) and the number needing recapped.

NB - everyone needs a recap before the first jump of the day until you have 5 jumps!

3. Do not arrive at the dropzone any later than 12pm, if you cant be there before 12 explain this when you phone.

4. There must be 4 people to fill the 206. If you don't have 4, when phoning, ask if there are any other static liners there. Otherwise you will not get to jump.

5. On arrival, write your SURNAME on the white board and the type of jump ie, Static Line (SL), Dummy Pull (DP) Delay (5sec/10sec etc).

6. Your name will be transferred (Manifested) to the white box corresponding to plane lifts, be aware of what lift your have been placed in. When called, immediately go to the hanger and bring a rig/helmet/jumpsuit to the benches in the MANIFEST AREA. Do NOT kit up elsewhere in the hangar.

I think the best bet is to phone ahead when you arrive back home!!! Pm for the number. good luck :thumbs:
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