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Posted 19 October 2008 - 03:05 PM

Last updated: 13-Aug-08
Manufacturer: Bruggemann
Address: Am Kalkheck 2, 58313 Herdecke, Germany
Telephone: 49-(0)2330-9784-0
WWW: http://www.bruggemann.de/
Email: mail@bruggemann.de

Safety bulletins are available from this link

BPA Index Relevance Date Model Component Overview File Notes
Not in index 29-May-03 Emergency parachute systems All Manufacturer must inspect units with serial numbers 90001 to 90133. recall.pdf Contact of the upper pin of the opening mechanism with the cable protection cover can increase actuation forces.

Disclaimer: The data presented here may contain errors and/or omissions: it is intended to be indicative only. For comprehensive details refer to the bulletins/manuals from the manufacturer and the relevant governing body (e.g. BPA).