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Basik Air Concepts (formerly Parafun)

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Posted 19 October 2008 - 03:07 PM

Last updated: 26-Oct-13
Manufacturer: Basik Air Concepts (Parafun)
Address: 559 Chemis de Sailes, 83300, Draguignam, France
Telephone: + 33 (0) 4 94 99 12 36
WWW: http://www.basik.fr/
Email: basik.fr@free.fr
 Manuals are available from  this link                     
 Safety bulletins are available from  this link                     
BPA Index Relevance Date Model Component Overview File Notes
2 18-Jul-07 Tandem T1 and T2 Container Verify that the left side diagonal back strap at the Oeticker clamp level which maintain the reserve housing located on the shoulder right beside the 3 ring system, due to potential risk of damage on the type 8 webbing because of the clamp friction on the webbing. clamp.pdf and additional_clamp.pdf Mandatory. AV070718. Manufactured prior to Apr-06.
1 16-Aug-05 Advance Container Verify security of elastic BOC pouch. boc.pdf Mandatory. SB 050801. Damage has been found due to manufacture technique (bartacking).
Not in index 03-Nov-05 Advance Container Equipment with a type 8 chest strap without a confluent wrap must be modified to prevent possibility of failure during high speed deployment. Chest_strap.pdf Mandatory. SB 051101. Linked with SB relating to BOC security.
Not in index 11-Mar-09 Advance Tandem Container Main closing sequence updated to limit the potential risks of premature pack opening. tandem_closing.pdf Updates the manual.
Not in index 26-Jan-09 All Toggles Modification of installation procedure of main toggles delivered before 10-Feb-09. Add bartack below snap/dot, pass line through new loop then over the bottom of the toggle as normal. toggles.pdf Bartack is 15mm below dot, but allow slack to allow the line through.
3 16-Jul-07 Tandem T1 and T2 Risers Inspect white cutaway loop on risers for damage and ensure there are no sharp edges on grommet. tandem_risers.pdf -
Not in index 11-Mar-09 Advance Tandem Main bridle Modify main bridle to to limit the potential risks of premature pack opening. tandem_bridle.pdf -
4 03-May-07 Advance Main top flap with snap A grommet installed on the main top flap presents a potential snag risk. advance_snap.pdf SB issued by the French Parachute Federation
5 14-Jun-09 Argus AAD Withdrawal of Argus AAD approval in Advance OUT, Advance IN and Advance Tandem Harness & Container Systems. - SB 14/06/09. From BPA Riggers minutes.
6 31-Mar-11 Argus AAD Basik Air Concepts state that the compatibility has to be declared by the individual AAD manufacturer upon tests he conducts with our product to determine compatibility in every aspect of the matter. Argus_Basik.pdf This is a statement from Basik, not a safety notice.
Not in index 30-May-13 Reserve parachute systems Reserve parachute systems European owners and operators return to the manufacturer all reserve parachute systems manufactured by Basik Air Concept and delivered after September 30, 2011 without a European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Form 1 release certificate. recall.pdf Not mandatory in the USA. This EAD specifies returning the referenced system to the manufacturer, Basik Air Concept, to verify conformity to an approved design as verified by the DGAC.
Disclaimer: The data presented here may contain errors and/or omissions: it is intended to be indicative only. For comprehensive details refer to the bulletins/manuals from the manufacturer and the relevant governing body (e.g. BPA).