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Posted 19 October 2008 - 03:14 PM

Last updated: 06-May-11
Manufacturer: Altico
Address: 35870 Clinton Avenue, Dade City, FL 33525
Telephone: (352) 523-0052
WWW: http://www.altico.com
Email: info@altico.com

Manuals are available from this link
Safety bulletins are available from this link

BPA Index Relevance Date Model Component Overview File Notes
Not in index 20-Nov-03 Dolphin Container It is acceptable to close the reserve container using Javelin sequence. closing.pdf Email from manufacturer.
Not in index 07-Jun-00 Dolphin Container Inspect main closing flap to ensure there is no wear at stiffener. Add square-weave if any wear is present to reduce danger of hangups/entanglements. flap.pdf Mandatory. ASB 060700. Applies to all pre Feb-00 containers.
Not in index 24-Mar-11 Argus AAD Argus is no longer approved for use in Altico containers. Argus_Altico1.pdf ASB_0324111. Superseded by Altico's 29-Mar-11 notice.
Not in index 28-Mar-11 Argus AAD Argus grounding rescinded for Altico containers, as the failure mode will not prevent the normal operation of the reserve (using the ripcord). Argus_Altico2.pdf Supersedes Altico's 24-Mar-11 SB (ASB_0324111).

Disclaimer: The data presented here may contain errors and/or omissions: it is intended to be indicative only. For comprehensive details refer to the bulletins/manuals from the manufacturer and the relevant governing body (e.g. BPA).