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Posted 19 October 2008 - 03:19 PM

Last updated: 21-Dec-12
Manufacturer: Aerodyne
Address: 12649 Race Track Road, Tampa, Florida 33626 USA.
Telephone: 813 891 6300
WWW: http://www.flyaerodyne.com
Email: info@flyaerodyne.com

Manuals are available from this link
Safety bulletins are available from this link
Line trims are available from this link

BPA Index Relevance Date Model Component Overview File Notes
1 11-May-06 Icon Container Pilotchute hesitations have been reported. Possibly due to PCs that are too small or due to kill-line becoming uncocked due to bridles that will not remain shrivelled (due to thiner than the norm materials used in construction). SI96.pdf BPA SI 96.
2 25-Jan-08 Icon Container Relocate AAD cutter from kicker flap to bottom of container. aad_relocation.pdf Mandatory only in France. SB210108. Method shown in PDF.
Not in index 29-Aug-06 Icon Container Argus AAD approved for use. argus.pdf Letter issued by Argus
Not in index 11-Mar-05 Icon Container Clean cutaway housings to prevent hard pulls. housings.pdf Method outlined in PDF.
Not in index 12-Jul-04 Icon Harness To prevent adaptor slippage, add type-12 webbing to legstraps manufactured from a single thickness of type-7 webbing. legstrap.pdf Optional. SB 071204. Also states buffer method shown in TB002 (Jan 04) is no longer recommended.
Not in index 01-May-04 Miniforce Risers In principal these are compatible with all harness-container systems: but during assembly check compatibility. miniforce.pdf TB003. Day of month unknown. Specific checks and tolerances are given in PDF.
Not in index 01-Jan-04 Icon Harness Method of manufacturing adjuster buffers and elastic stows. adjusters.pdf TB002. Superseded by T003 – so no longer recommended. Day of month unknown.
Not in index 01-May-04 Miniforce Tandem Risers In principal these are compatible with all harness-container systems: but during assembly check compatibility. miniforce_tandem.pdf TB004. Day of month unknown.
3 01-Sep-07 Icon Grommets Grommets must be inspected for damage due to worn dies. grommets.pdf May be an isolated occurrence.
4 25-Jun-09 Icon Student Container Student Icon sizes I7, I8 and I9 are with main ripcord housing must not be used as with BOC deployment system until modified to prevent bridle snag point. icon_student.pdf Serial numbers of affected containers listed in PDF file.
5 14-Jan-11 Icons with Skyhook Container Icons manufactured prior to 14-Jan-11 that are Skyhook ready/installed, must have the riser covers modified. Riser_covers_overview.pdf and Riser_covers_procedure.pdf SB140111. Issued in response to a number of incidents where tuck tabs did not release as designed.
6 25-Mar-11 Argus AAD Argus is no longer approved for use in Icons. Argus_unapproved_Aerodyne.pdf SB250311.
Not in index 01-Dec-12 Icon Container Ground activation should be performed with the container worn on user's shoulders. No corrective action necessary. Reserve_activation.pdf Icon reserve PC failed to clear side flaps. Model I5, DOM Sep-08. Allegedly due to excessively long closing loop and ground activation in “an unconventional manner”

Disclaimer: The data presented here may contain errors and/or omissions: it is intended to be indicative only. For comprehensive details refer to the bulletins/manuals from the manufacturer and the relevant governing body (e.g. BPA).