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Advanced Air Canopies (Airotech)

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Posted 19 October 2008 - 03:22 PM

Last updated: 10-Aug-08
Manufacturer: Advanced Air sports
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Manuals are available from this link
Safety bulletins are available from this link

BPA Index Relevance Date Model Component Overview File Notes
1 01-Mar-88 Airotech Risers Recalled for replacement of retaining loop built of coated cord (instead of uncoated). The loop is too stiff and prevents the small ring from flipping. - Day of month unknown. Poynters vol 1 page 186.
Not in index - Handbury Rig Container Early models had velcro on top and bottom flaps of the main container. This vecro should be removed. The velcro on the protector flap should be no wider than 2”. - Poynters vol 1 page 186.
Not in index - Advanced Air sports Risers Some risers manufactured with insufficiently secured locking loops (due to bartacks not being placed within tolerences relating to locking loop trimming). Test with 50lb of pull force. 803A.pdf RAC 803. Poynters vol 1 page 124. Applies to all units manufactured between Feb and Dec-79; including container assemblies 792-1048.
Not in index 01-Dec-78 Advanced Air sports Hard housings Terminal end may not be correctly swaged and may pull off. Test by twisting by hand. - Day of month not known. Poynters vol 1 page 124.

Disclaimer: The data presented here may contain errors and/or omissions: it is intended to be indicative only. For comprehensive details refer to the bulletins/manuals from the manufacturer and the relevant governing body (e.g. BPA).