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Advanced Aerospace Designs (Vigil)

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Posted 19 October 2008 - 03:24 PM

Last updated: 26-Oct-13
Manufacturer: Advanced Aerospace Designs (Vigil)
Address: 1645 Lexington Avenue Deland – FL 
32724 USA
Telephone: (1) 386 736 8464
WWW: http://www.vigil.aero/
Email: info@vigil.aero
 Manuals are available from  this link                     
 Safety bulletins are available from  this link                     
BPA Index Relevance Date Model Component Overview File Notes
1 31-Mar-04 Vigil AAD Replacement of circuit board due to danger of static activation. SB1.pdf Mandatory. SB1. Applies to units with a D.O.M. prior to 26 March, 2004.
2 22-Apr-04 Vigil AAD Units susceptible to static charge must not to be used for static line. SB1A.pdf SB1a. Applies to units with a D.O.M. prior to 26 March, 2004 that have not had the circuit board replaced (due to static activation danger).
3 18-Apr-00 Vigil Cutters Inspect cutter to ensure there is no damage to cutters. Use of mechanical closing devices are not permitted. SB2.pdf SB2. Cutter position is not in question. A new style of cutter is under development.
4 21-Feb-07 Vigil Cutters Inspect plastic cutter insert for damage. SB3.pdf SB3. Photos of example damage included in PDF.
Not in index 03-May-07 Vigil Cutters Cutters supplied in March and April 2007 with the production dates 03-07- (followed by batch nr 1, 2 or 3) on the body of the cutter must be changed if damage to the reserve closing loop is found where it comes in contact with the cutter. SB4.pdf SB4. Superseded by multiple SBs. Damage occurs due to sharp edges on cutter. Plastic inserts recommended to prevent loop damage.
5 29-May-08 Vigil Cutters Type 3 cutter is mandatory, and misfire concerns. Pre Aug-06 Vigil 1 units grounded. (BPA, French Federation) SN73.pdf and letter_30-Apr-08.pdf and TOWHOMITMAYCONCERN-final.pdf and UF-2008-005.pdf and misfires.pdf BPA SN 73. Grounds all pre Aug-06 units. Also includes letters from French Federation, Aviation Civile, and the manufacture's responses
6 06-Jun-08 Vigil Cutters Type 3 cutter is mandatory (BPA). Packing card must be annotated to state this has been checked. SI98.pdf BPA SI 98. Includes photos of cutters. Pre Aug-06 units no longer grounded providing they comply.
7 21-Apr-08 Vigil AAD Life span extended to 1500 jumps or 10 years (whichever is sooner) providing “Bat Low” or “Bat Rpl” isn't displayed. service_life.pdf Applies to Vigil 1 units. Extended 700 jumps or 4 years. Issued after performance in-the-field was re-evaluated.
Not in index 05-Jun-08 Vigil Cutters Type 3 cutter is mandatory (manufacturer's statement), but when cutter is placed at the bottom of the container type 1 cutter is also acceptable cutters_vigil.pdf If type 1 cutter is installed at bottom of container, the plastic insert must be inspected at each repack. Type 2 cutter should never be used.
Not in index 25-Mar-08 Vigil AAD Investigation of cutting efficiency on three devices. LAEE15.pdf Advisory Royal Military Academy's Analysis for the Analysis of Explosive Effects - report LAEE-015-080408
Not in index 31-Mar-08 Vigil AAD Verification of the opening speed of an emergency parachute with manual operation. LAEE16.pdf Advisory Royal Military Academy's Analysis for the Analysis of Explosive Effects – report LAEE-016-080408
8 05-Sep-08 Dual Hawk AAD Vigil 2 AAD manufactured after 10/2007 with type 3 cutter cleared for use with Dual Hawk tandem. Strong.pdf Details of serial numbers included in PDF.
9 15-Jan-09 Rigging Innovations AAD Vigil 2 approved for use in Rigging Innovation products. rigginginnovations.pdf Vigil 1 is NOT approved.
Not in index 01-May-09 Vigil AAD Information bulletin – manual update, and reminders about use. Manual update - airborne status.pdf Details of “airborne status” and unit operation added to manual.
10 10-Oct-09 Vigil Cutters Cutters manufactured in Dec-07 are recalled. Any Vigil with a cutter replaced since Dec-07 and the Vigil 2 units on the list are grounded. SB5.pdf and SN75.pdf and IN 26 101109.pdf and APF_SB091110_Vigil_Cutters.pdf and List1.pdf and List2.pdf PSB5. See list of serial numbers. Issued in response to body/base separation during activation.
Not in index 01-Mar-11 Vigil Cutters There are no concerns regarding the function of cutters. See full PDF document for justification and details. CutterSpecsVigil.pdf Issued in response to cutter issues of other manufacturers. Date of statement is approximate.
Not in index 04-Oct-11 Vigil Cutters Every cutter with DOM Oct-07 must be returned and replaced. Verification must be done before the next jump. Missing_knife.pdf and Missing_knife_report.pdf PSB8 (supersedes PSB 6&7). Issued after a cutter with a missing knife was identified (live use).
Not in index 07-Mar-12 Vigil LCD screen All Vigil LCDs with LCD software version 2.20 (Vigil serial numbers 23,350 24.970): replacing the LCD at the next reserve repack is advised. If the LCD controller freezes, it should be replaced before the next jump. Vigil_LCD.pdf -
Not in index 14-Jun-13 Vigil AAD If a Vigil II Multimode (Civilian model) has been in contact with, or immersed in, fresh or salt water, it is mandatory to return the Vigil to A.A.D. nv/sa for an inspection of the unit, before the next jump waterproof_inspection.pdf PSB9. Does not apply to military version. Issued after high humidity discovered in some units following submersion, including one instance where the unit would not turn on.
Not in index 14-Jun-13 Vigil AAD On Vigil II units with serial number above 26176, if a period of jumping extends longer than 14-hours from the time the unit is switched on, the unit will switch off, even during a jump. A jumper who anticipates a jump period which is greater than or equal to 14 hours long should switch their unit off and then back on, prior to the expiration of the 14-hour period after it was switched on. shutdown.pdf PSB10. Software update change in v2.50 changes behaviour. The underlying cause of these instances is that some skydivers did not follow the instructions stated in the manual, resulting in units entering (and remaining in) “airborne status” after leaving the dropzone and traveling to a different ground altitude.
  Arm Altitude Information (correction to manual)                  
  Vigil 2:                   
   Minimum arm altitude: 150ft                    
   Max arm altitude: 31 seconds after passing 149ft                    
   Disarm altitude: 150ft                    
  Vigil 1:                   
   Minimum arm altitude: 90ft                    
   Max arm altitude: 31 seconds after passing 89ft                    
   Disarm altitude: 90ft                    
Disclaimer: The data presented here may contain errors and/or omissions: it is intended to be indicative only. For comprehensive details refer to the bulletins/manuals from the manufacturer and the relevant governing body (e.g. BPA).