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BPA Safety Information Bulletins

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Posted 20 October 2008 - 03:07 PM

Last updated: 05-May-11
Manufacturer: BPA
Address: 5 Wharf Way, Glen Parva, Leicester, LE2 9EF
Telephone: 0116 278 5271
WWW: http://www.bpa.org.uk
Email: trudy@bpa.org.uk

Safety bulletins are available from this link

BPA Index relevance Date Model Component Overview File Notes
1 17-Sep-82 Pegasus Main canopy Control line cascades to be lengthened due to malfunctions SI1.pdf Change length from 40” to 44”. Manufactured by Django.
2 18-Oct-82 N/A N/A Approach aircrafts from the rear SI2.pdf -
3 25-Apr-83 All All Canopies Check to ensure slider stops are good SI3.pdf Shattered slider stops originally discovered on a Comet canopy.
4 30-Nov-84 Wonderhogs and copies Container Modify container stitching and main-closing-loop to ensure main d-bag does not interfere with reserve operation SI4.pdf Problem discovered when a reserve PC failed to deploy (during a repack).
5 12-Mar-85 TSE PCs; any PC with washers inside Main PC Ensure that washers inside PCs do not have rough edges SI5.pdf Sharp washers can sever line.
6 27-Aug-85 All double pin back-reserves AAD Ensure that terminal eye of power cable goes over top pin and not the cable below top pin. SI6.pdf -
7 24-Sep-86 N/A N/A Parachutists are advised not to wrap control lines around hands. SI6.pdf Inducing malfunctions after a normal opening is possible.
8 21-Oct-86 Vector Main tandem d-bags Use double elastic bands or extra strong bands on stows, or add new line of stows to centre of flap. SI8.pdf Problem solves line dump issue.
9 18-Nov-86 Fury Main canopy Bridle attachment points using bar-tacked (rather than zig-zag) pattern must be regularly checked and reinforced SI9.pdf This is due to a weakness that can result in attachment point failure.
10 09-Mar-87 Chaser; all other containers Cutaway housing Ensure the routing of cut-away housings are correct SI10.pdf Incorrect routing could lead to a hard or impossible pull.
11 18-Mar-87 Racer; Tracer Martildos pull-out system Do not modify system without consulting manufacturer SI11.pdf Advice published in Kitnews caused this concern.
12 27-Apr-87 Chaser Container Check stitching on 3-ring confluence wrap – some may be missing SI12.pdf Applies to containers manufactured in Nov-86, Dec-86 and Jan-87. May not be immediately obvious due to fabric cover.
13 21-Sep-87 Contact Main canopy retractable bridle line Friction damage to bridle near attachment point. SI13.pdf Replace with non-retractable, unless on competition CRW canopies
14 12-Oct-87 TSE equipment Freebag 3” black bridle webbing can be sticky due to resin treatment SI14.pdf Wash in hot detergent water
15 21-Dec-87 Pioneer; GQ Reserve canopies Canopy fabric adjacent to mesh may be weakened – check. SI15.pdf Pioneer have offered to buy back defective reserves.
16 21-Dec-87 N/A N/A Check to ensure super-tack is secure SI16.pdf Paragear super-tack is failing below the listed breaking strain.
17 01-Jan-88 Chaser Containers Tack hosing to zero grommet, and tack housing between plate cover and housing cover. SI17.pdf Applies to containers with metal stiffener plates in reserve tray. Must be inspected by an advanced rigger. Superseded by SN42.
18 20-Jan-88 Pioneer; GQ Reserve canopies Riggers/owners to be vigilant regarding 21-Dec-87 weak fabric problem. Inspect every 60 days. SI18.pdf Fabric packed touching mesh can become as weak as tissue paper.
19 16-Feb-88 Vector; all other containers Main risers Ensure that the 3-rings have correct relationship to one another – all must overlap. SI19.pdf Problem discovered when a cutaway cable was partially pulled through grommet resulting in an impossible release.
20 16-Feb-88 Vector; all other equipment Tandem equipment Ensure equipment is packed as-per the manual – which may be different form sport gear. Ensure proper reserve drill procedures are followed. SI20.pdf This was issued as a result of a tandem fatality, where reserve was fired 0.5s prior to impact. PC in tow caused by incorrectly routed bridle.
21 01-Mar-88 All Mini-rings Weak/female jumpers may not be able to operate cutaway when pull force is high (i.e. fast rotating mal) SI21.pdf Rob Noble-Nesbitt notes that 25lb limit on pull force is too high.
22 10-Mar-88 Racer type gear Container Narrow bore ripcord housings and Rambo type PCs are not recommended on racer type pop tops. SI22.pdf -
23 16-Mar-88 TSE Ripcord handles May be weak across joints – pull check SI23.pdf Applies to handles made by Dick Gays
24 01-Apr-88 N/A N/A Don't do low hook-turns SI24.pdf -
25 18-Apr-88 GQ Reserve canopies Canopies made by GQ Security inc. (NOT GQ parachutes ltd based in the UK) are grounded SI25.pdf Applies to 350, 850, Safety Chutes, Sport Sac canopies.
26 19-Oct-88 Invader Reserve canopies Grounding of all Invader canopies has been lifted. SI26.pdf Made by PISA.
27 20-Oct-88 Invader Reserve canopies Justification for grounding canopies – BPA couldn't take no action. SI27.pdf Relates to SI 9-Oct-88
28 25-Nov-88 All reservers Reserve canopies Justification for continued acid-mesh groundings. SI28.pdf -
29 02-Dec-88 All All Jumpers should not wash their canopies in response to acid-mesh problems. And, if affected reserves are swapped-out, ensure replacement equipment is compatible. SI29.pdf Acid-mesh related
30 27-Jan-89 Vector tandem Containers Ensure there is a double row of harness stitching on the leg-strap side of the pattern SI30.pdf Pattern has been found where double stitching is located on the opposite side.
31 14-Feb-89 GQ Reserve canopies Grounding is lifted, providing canopies are serviced according to manufacture's guidelines and have the appropriate release documents. SI31.pdf Acid-mesh testing should continue for the life of the parachute. Method is detailed in this document.
32 19-Apr-89 All Reserve canopies Some canopies have been temporarily treated to past acid-mesh test. Includes a list of canopies known to have failed test. SI32.pdf -
33 24-Apr-89 Phantom canopies; Magnum PCs Reserve canopies and PCs Grounding is lifted, providing canopies are serviced according to manufacture's guidelines and have the appropriate release documents. SI33.pdf Acid-mesh testing should continue for the life of the parachute. Method is detailed in this document.
34 17-May-89 Invader canopies; Hot Dog and Skyjack PCs Reserve canopies and PCs Grounding is lifted, providing canopies are serviced according to manufacture's guidelines and have the appropriate release documents. SI34.pdf Acid-mesh testing should continue for the life of the parachute. As per the National Parachute Industries SB of 24-Mar-89.
35 16-Jun-89 Pioneer; GQ Reserve canopies and PCs Grounding is lifted, providing canopies pass acid mesh test. SI35.pdf With reference to the National Parachute Industries SB of 24-Mar-89. Manufacturers could not be contacted regarding the matter.
36 22-Jun-89 Pioneer; GQ Reserve canopies and PCs There must be 2 rows of over stitching incorporated into the main seam stitching in contact with mesh. SI36.pdf This updates typological mistakes in SI published on 17-may-89.
37 01-Jul-89 N/A N/A Don't do low hook-turns SI37.pdf Poster
38 01-Aug-89 All RSLs Recommended that RSL shackle fabric tag is removed from student kit. All RSL users should ensure that tag is not trapped under harness SI38.pdf Released in response to shackles becoming released by accident (i.e. disabling RSL).
39 04-Oct-89 N/A N/A All CRW jumpers should be aware that some leg-locks are difficult/impossible to release. SI39.pdf Released after accident where 2 jumpers were unable to release downplane
40 28-Nov-89 All All Canopies Check to unsure there is no damage to lines near slider bumps. SI40.pdf Possible causes include slider vibration or friction against bumps when lines spread.
41 01-Jan-90 All RSLs Consider ordering an RSL on new gear purchases SI41.pdf -
42 13-Mar-90 Vector Reserve PCs Recommended that new style “balloon” type PCs are used. Also, packers are reminded to follow manufacturer's instructions. SI42.pdf This was issued in response to a PC not clearing container.
43 23-Apr-90 N/A N/A High performance canopies need to be treated with respect SI43.pdf Hook turns, collisions and collapses are especially problematic. May not be appropriate on demos
44 27-Apr-90 All All Buyers of 2nd hand equipment should have the compatibility checked by a rigger SI44.pdf -
45 20-Jul-90 All Reserve canopies Replace Bromocreosol on a regular basis, as repeated exposure to air can render it inaccurate. Also, test acid-mesh at every repack. SI45.pdf Obtain replacement solution from Kim Newton.
46 20-Jul-90 All Containers Elastic retainers should be installed on leg-straps (due to loose ends being mistaken for deployment handles). SI46.pdf Reminder of the 7-Sep-89 SB
47 29-Oct-90 Protector Reserve canopies Grounding has now been lifted SI47.pdf Relevant to the 2/90 SB (BPA)
48 14-Jan-91 FXC AAD Test fire FXCs to ensure that pin clears loop SI48.pdf There is the possibility that replacement hoses may be different lengths, and therefore not compatible.
49 21-Jan-91 All Main PCs Jumpers should check shock cord after every jump. SI49.pdf Released due to reports of shock cord breakages
50 01-Feb-91 All Parachutes de France Cutaway housing Clean anaconda housing to ensure low pull-force. SI50.pdf It is advisable to check other manufacturer's housings.
51 15-Mar-91 Vector; Xerox Reserve PCs SB 3/90 suspended pending STC discussions SI51.pdf -
52 30-Apr-91 Talon Skyhook PC in Tallonette container Reserve PCs Test to ensure PC clears container when reserve fired with main packed and operater wearing rig in arch position. PCs passing test marked with SB-1513 on cap and packing card. SI52.pdf Mandatory PC part number 2233. Container model B-/4 and B-/6. Manufactured Feb-88 to Apr-91. Serial numbers of containers noted in PDF.
53 01-May-91 Pintail Main canopy Canopies grounded until modified as per manufacturers guidelines SI53.pdf Part numbers 817-00, 758-00 and 866-00.
54 07-Jun-91 Vector tandem Main PC Pack all but 3ft of bridle into PC folds, ensure it can easily be removed from BOC SI54.pdf -
55 26-Jul-91 Capewell Release system All units must be inspected prior to every jump to help prevent breakages SI55.pdf Details of malfunction shown in PDF
56 24-Oct-91 All RSLs Poor design of attachment ring tape and shackle may be causing problems SI56.pdf Further investigation will be carried out by the BPA
57 24-Oct-91 N/A Helmets All parachutists must be equipped with suitable clothing/equipment SI57.pdf Examples of suitable helmets shown in PDF
58 15-Nov-91 Duel Hawk Main risers Replace all risers due to potential breakage at toggle pocket location SI58.pdf See PDF for identification.
59 17-Mar-92 All Parachutes de France Freebag Ensure line stows in hesitater loops are not too long. SI59.pdf Loop should not protrude very far – i.e. no loop that can cause hang-up. Diagrams in PDF.
60 21-May-92 RWS Main risers All RWS type-17 risers with an RSL attachment should have the RSL ring removed, replace with type-8 risers to use RSL. SI60.pdf Mandatory. RWS will replace the components. There have been reports of breakages due to harder openings caused by new technology (ZP, micro-line, tight jumps-ults, loose line-stows)
61 14-Apr-93 Teardrop (1 pin) Reserve bridle Ensure that the container manual is followed, in particular with reference to the Stage Deployment Elastic SI61.pdf Isolated incident.
62 28-May-93 All RSLs RSLs can be used with reinforced type-17 risers, but not on non-reinforced ones. SI62.pdf This follows the bulletin that grounds all mini-riser RSLs
63 15-Jul-93 RWS Man and reserve canopies Reinforcement may be missing on some canopies (b and c ine span-wise tape). SI63.pdf Repair as per the instructions shown in the PDF
64 06-Aug-93 All Cables Jumpers are reminded of the importance of checking cutaway cables and ripcords SI64.pdf Released in response to a tandem fatality where a cracked drogue release cable (plastic teflon coated) was cracked.
65 27-Aug-93 All Containers Check openings of anaconda cables to ensure inside/outside are smooth SI65.pdf To prevent to hard pulls
66 02-Sep-93 Teardrop (1 pin) Reserve closing loops Replace old style washer with Cypres style washers. Change loop at each repack. SI66.pdf Issued in response to premature reserve deployments due to loop failure.
67 28-Jan-94 All Risers Ensure riser break locking ring is of sufficient strength (i.e. not baby D-rings) SI67.pdf -
68 18-Mar-94 Cypres AAD Recall of all units manufactured between 26-Aug-93 and 2-Nov-93 SI68.pdf Circuitry does not meet tolerances
68 18-Mar-94 Swift Plus Reserve canopies Ensure that bar-tacks are not too wide (i.e. catch outer and finger-trapped line) SI68.pdf

Disclaimer: The data presented here may contain errors and/or omissions: it is intended to be indicative only. For comprehensive details refer to the bulletins/manuals from the manufacturer and the relevant governing body (e.g. BPA).