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BPA Safety Notices

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Posted 20 October 2008 - 03:14 PM

Last updated: 05-May-11
Manufacturer: BPA
Address: 5 Wharf Way, Glen Parva, Leicester, LE2 9EF
Telephone: 0116 278 5271
WWW: http://www.bpa.org.uk
Email: trudy@bpa.org.uk

Safety bulletins are available from this link

BPA Index Number Date Model Component Overview File Notes
1 N/A All Various Components banned or not recommended: silk stitched reserves, net vained PCs on front mounted reserves, Speed links on reserves, blast handles, ripcord stops, Irvin 2706 sliding snap hooks, one shot capewells on student equipment, PC assisted static line systems, peripheral hem widths of less than 6” on canopy modifications, side pull reserves, nylon loops recommended to replace steel cones deeply waisted reserve handles, the use of twin bridle cords. SN1.pdf Similar to SI83
2 28-Apr-80 Skysports Ripcord pins Check to ensure pin is swaged correctly to cable. SN2.pdf Swage should withstand 300lb for 3 seconds. Quick test: trap pin in vice and give a sharp tug.
3 01-Dec-80 Wonderhog Ripcord handles Recall of tan nylon handles where the ripcord passes through a post the same diameter as the handle. SN3.pdf Applies to Wonderhogs shipped in the first few months of 1979. Updated models have a thicker post.
4 25-Feb-81 Safety Flyer Reserve bridle Cotton bridles are grounded. Replace with polyester SN4.pdf Para-flight will replace.
5 25-Feb-81 Strato Cloud Toggles Release system using type-1 tape routed under loop (over chrome ring) and secured with Velcro and a press stud is banned. SN5.pdf Issued after a fatal accident involving an unreleased break line.
6 22-Apr-81 PISA 26' Lopo Reserve Grounded – PISA must inspect. SN6.pdf Damage occurred when deployed from terminal velocity
7 02-Jul-81 All Reserve pins Pin checks are mandatory – and can prevent incidents. SN7.pdf SN gives example of why this is necessary
8 06-Nov-81 N/A N/A Freefall bag deployment systems must not be used by students of cat 2-7. SN8.pdf 0
9 04-Feb-82 N/A N/A Clubs are strongly advised not to use dual purpose containers (i.e. freefall and static line) SN9.pdf Static line containers should not have a protective flap over the closing bungee, as this flap can be dragged through it and cause a hang-up.
10 09-Mar-92 Jack Hiley manufactured equipment Static line d-bag Centre base tie bags with white cotton reinforcing are grounded SN10.pdf Reinforcing is weak
11 14-Apr-82 All Slider bumps Rubber protection sleeves covering speed-links may trap control line against slider grommet – jumpers should check for this after opening. SN11.pdf STC to discuss at next meeting.
12 28-May-82 Jack Hiley manufactured equipment All All Jack Hiley manufactured equipment is grounded until inspected my a master rigger SN12.pdf Issued after identifying a poorly made Racer copy, and other items.
13 29-Oct-82 All Grommets Check for splits in grommets – especially riser grommets SN13.pdf Issued after a split grommet caused loop failure and one-sided release.
14 07-Feb-83 All Ripcord pins Piano wire ripcords are grounded, due to rusting and loop-damage problems SN14.pdf Use stainless steel pins.
15 25-Apr-83 All Containers Worn velcro must be replaced. Equipment must be compatible (i.e. the correct size) SN15.pdf Worn Velcro and an undersized canopy for the container caused a horse-shoe malfunction resulting in a fatality.
16 25-Nov-83 All Closing loops Only gutted 550lb should be used with zero-grommets. Jumpers are also reminded that extreme temperatures and moisture can freeze loops. SN16.pdf Incident occurred on traditional equipment where loop froze to cause a total malfunction.
17 01-Feb-84 RWS (large) rings Large rings RW-1-82 rings large rings are grounded until rings are tested. SN17.pdf PDF outlines test procedure
18 15-Feb-84 Aeroconical with a TSE quarter bag/diaper Diaper Grounded until modified by TSE SN18.pdf Issued after a streamer malfunction
19 23-Feb-84 RWS Large rings RW-1-82 AND RW-1-83 rings large rings are grounded until rings are tested. SN19.pdf This extends SN issued 1-Feb-84 . Test method described in PDF.
20 04-Jun-84 All Pull-outs Handles on pull-out deployment systems should be attached to base of PC not the apex SN20.pdf Issued after a PC in tow malfunction occurred due to bridle wrapping around handle preventing inflation.
21 12-Jun-84 All 3-rings It should be ensured that the large ring cannot overlap the reserve handle. SN21.pdf This scenario could produce an impossible pull, when fingers wrap through both the reserve handle and large ring.
27 21-Jun-85 Skylark Main canopies Slider stops were found that can bend – ie. can cause streamer malfunctions SN27.pdf It is advised that all owners have a rigger check for this problem.
28 03-Sep-85 TSE Ripcord pins Some pins may come away from cable easily – check strength SN28.pdf Applies particularly to items manufactured Feb and Mar-83
29 26-Sep-85 Jaguar Containers All containers fitted with round reserves must be returned to the manufacturer for modification SN29.pdf Modifications will improve the performance of the PC and eliminate problems caused by incorrect packing
30 29-Nov-85 All reserves packed by Paul Beck Ripcord seal thread All reserves packed by Paul Beck should have the seal thread removed SN30.pdf This is due to incorrect thread used to seal reserves (i.e. too strong)
31 29-Nov-85 Skylark Containers All containers should be inspected by an advanced rigger SN31.pdf Reserve riser webbing turn-back must be at least 5 inches with 3 inches of 4-point WW stitching
32 03-Apr-86 TSE Pull-outs Grounded until tape from the pad has been properly inspected. SN32.pdf There have been reports of the tape breaking away from the zero-grommet
33 22-Apr-86 Duel Perosity canopies Reserves TSE modified GQ 7m Duel Perosity canopies grounded SN33.pdf Does not apply to GQ sports mains not modified by TSE
34 22-Oct-86 All reserves packed by Roger Buckle Bridle routing Bridle routing of all Roger Buckle packed reserves are to be inspected by a qualified person SN34.pdf Issued after bridle routing error was discovered that would have prevented it from clearing inner closing loop
35 07-Feb-87 TSE Ripcord pins Ripcords manufactured by Dick Gays for TSE have been recalled SN35.pdf Applies to handles made since Sep-86 (sold with container or separately) with numbers L8610, L8612
36 18-Aug-87 N/A Static lines Static lines must be continuous from d-bag to aircraft attachment point. SN36.pdf Larks-head knots are not permitted
37 19-Aug-87 Glide Path All Canopies Canopies should be inspected to ensure all slider-stops are present SN37.pdf Two Fury canopies have been found to “streamer” due to missing A-line stops
38 12-Oct-87 N/A Helmets Raleigh Burner helmets not permitted below C-licence SN38.pdf Due two 2 reported fractured skulls
39 07-Nov-88 GQ Parachutes Ltd Reserves Grounded until acid-mesh test can be performed. SN39.pdf See PDF for complete list of affected canopies.
40 25-Feb-88 Chasers Containers All containers with metal stiffeners in the reserve tray must undergo extensive modification. SN40.pdf Applies to all containers, even if recent modifications have been done.
41 26-Feb-88 All Connector links Links must be of a suitable metal type. SN41.pdf Links made from rigging lines are not permitted in their present form, due to failures during deployment.
42 10-Mar-88 Chasers Containers; PCs Modify containers with metal stiffener plates. Includes changes to ripcord housing. Rambo type PCS are not permitted for use with these containers SN42.pdf Supersedes SI17. Details of modification shown in PDF
43 17-Mar-88 GQ Security Aeroconical (SAC) manufactured in the US Reserves Model 79A1684-() Grounded due to possibility if fabric being deteriorated and weak fabric SN43.pdf Does not apply to GQ SAC reserves manufactured in the UK
44 24-Mar-88 GQ Security Aeroconical (SAC) manufactured in the US Reserves SN issued on 17-Mar-88 is now lifted subject to inspection by an advanced rigger SN44.pdf Inspection outlined by GQ UK.
45 31-Mar-88 GQ Security Aeroconical (SAC) manufactured in the US Reserves Grounding re-instated. Supersedes SN 24-Mar-88 SN45.pdf Does not apply to GQ SAC reserves manufactured in the UK
46 01-Apr-88 Invader Reserves Grounded until further notice. SN46.pdf Issued after 2 fatal accidents. (Date of SN may be later, up to 7-Nov-888)
47 07-Nov-88 GQ Parachutes Ltd Reserves Grounded until acid-mesh test can be performed. SN47.pdf Full list of effected parachutes listed in PDF
48 10-Nov-88 PISA Conical 26' Lopo Reserves Grounded until further notice. SN48.pdf 0
49 17-Nov-88 All reserves with mesh Reserves All reserves with mesh are grounded until acid-tested. SN49.pdf Main problems found with GQ, Invader, K Series and Phantoms
50 02-Dec-88 All PCs with mesh PCs All PCs with mesh are grounded until acid-test performed. SN50.pdf Applies to main and reserve PCs.
51 01-Jan-89 Guardian 26' Lopo Reserves Should not be used until BPA or TSE contacted for more information SN51.pdf Due to a fatal failure of a 4-line release steering system.
52 18-Jan-89 Invader Reserves Pre Nov-88 Invader 370 and 420 canopies with kevlar skirt tape are grounded until modified. SN52.pdf PDF contains details of modification.
53 27-Apr-90 All reserves and PCs with mesh Reserves; PCs Acid mesh problem has not gone away. Checks/servicing must be carried out SN53.pdf See SBs issued on 14-Feb-89 and 24-Apr-89 for more details.
54 07-Sep-90 Protector Reserve Grounded until further notice. SN54.pdf Issued due to a non-fatal failure during a sub-terminal opening.
55 17-Dec-90 Vector and Xerox PCs Reserve PCs Old style PCs (i.e. not “Balloon” style) must be replaced at next repack SN55.pdf This is due to slow openings reported caused by the old style.
56 01-Jan-91 Pintail Main canopies Grounded due to tendency to malfunction on opening. SN56.pdf Applies to sizes 170, 144 and 120 (part numbers P0785-00, P0817-00, P0866-00, respectively)
57 25-Apr-91 Vector and Xerox PCs Reserve PCs SB issued on 17-Dec-90 is now in-effect – it is no longer suspended. SN57.pdf 0
58 24-Oct-91 Raven Reserves All pre Mar-88 Ravens used as reserves are grounded until fitted with “bikini” style slider. SN58.pdf Due to a 9 second opening. This SB does not apply to Super Ravens
59 03-Jun-92 All RSLs Use of type-17 mini-risers with RSL attached is suspended. SN59.pdf Statements from various manufacturers included in SB
60 10-Jul-92 All RSLs RSLSs may only be used on 1 3/4 inch risers SN60.pdf Mini-risers (1 inch) are acceptable providing no RSL is connected
61 06-Aug-93 All Tandem equipment All tandem equipment must be fitted with an AAD SN61.pdf AAD must be fitted by a rigger approved by the manufacturer
62 14-Jan-94 Nova Main canopies Grounded until further notice. SN62.pdf Due to tendency to collapse.
63 18-Mar-94 All Tandem equipment Changes to equipment must be approved by riggers committee; all descents on equipment must be logged; black plastic coated ripcords must not be used for drogue release. SN63.pdf 0
64 06-Sep-90 All Belly band PCs Throw away PCs mounted on the belly band are band. SN64.pdf 0
65 22-Apr-96 Vector 360 All Canopies Slider stops in canopies, particularly Vector 360 tandem canopies, should be inspected. SN65.pdf Ensure grommets do not pass over the fabric containing the slider stops
66 26-May-97 TSE reverse risers Main risers Any harness/container fitted with TSE reverse risers is grounded until tested. SN66.pdf Test detailed in PDF (suspended 1 handed cut-away with the weight of 3 people)
67 25-Jun-97 TSE reverse risers Main risers Grounded due to poor design. SN67.pdf Supersedes SB issued on 26-may-97
68 25-Jun-97 Type-17 risers Main risers The grommet must be inspected to ensure the shank is long enough. SN68.pdf Risers have been found where the furl over on the male part of the grommet is of insufficient length – this has resulted in riser failures.
69 01-Oct-98 RAPS equipment Containers All RAPS static line equipment must be inspected to ensure reserve pin protection flaps are secure and will remain secure upon exit from aircraft. SN69.pdf Issued in response to a fatality where the static line extracted reserve pin on exit.
70 19-Feb-99 RAPS Zerox and Vector Containers All student Vector/Zerox used in static line mode must have a line protection flap added below the reserve pin protection flap. SN70.pdf Issued in response to SB issued on 1-Oct-98. Flap must be of a BPA approved design.
71 02-Jul-99 Top Flyer, Sprint, Pit Containers Grounded until freebag inspected by advanced rigger. Check freebag/bridle junction area while applying force to ensure no significant elongation of fibers SN71.pdf Problems have been discovered with bridle material that broke at junction preventing extraction of reserve from the freebag.
72 19-Apr-00 Atom Millennium Containers Modify as soon as possible due to incidents of interference between suspention lines and main top flap. SN72.pdf Applies to container types 34 and 35. See PdF bulletin issued 29-Mar-00 for modification details.
73 29-May-08 Vigil AAD All pre Aug-06 units grounded. All post 1-Aug-06 units must be inspected to insure cutter is metal with vinyl insert. SN73.pdf -
74 12-Feb-09 UPT Skyhook Skyhook update mandatory on all student and tandem equipment. Optional on all other equipment. SN74.pdf

Disclaimer: The data presented here may contain errors and/or omissions: it is intended to be indicative only. For comprehensive details refer to the bulletins/manuals from the manufacturer and the relevant governing body (e.g. BPA).